Lake George/Shingle Lake Property Owners Association

A member organization composed of property owners in the Lake George and Shingle Lake areas.

Meet the Board

Learn about the board members elected to act on behalf of members and download meeting minutes.

Business Directory

A list of local businesses that we recommend. They support the POA by sponsoring newsletters and directory.

Members Area

Access to members directory, newsletter and meetings minutes. Only  for LGPOA Members.

LGPOA Apparel

If you are interested in LGPOA Apparel, you may contact Lynn at D&M Silkscreening and Embroidery.


Important links

Lincoln TownShip

Useful information for the township that Lake George is located in. Visit them for permits, ordinances, etc.


Lake George Facebook

A social media page run by residents that updates with happenings and info.

Lake George – Rant and Rave | Facebook


Clare county Parks & Recreation

Great info on all the outdoor activities available to residents, including hiking, biking, boating, fishing, hunting and winter sports!